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Read Hosea 4:6 from your Bible

Many-a-time, a lot of people, including Holy Ghost-filled believers, do not know or understand what is wrong with them, neither do they know the power behind certain unnatural manifestations in their lives. A great number of these people also do not know or understand the significance of some peculiar dreams they have when they sleep. Others do not bother to understand their dream lives. Those who care at all, give various kinds of erroneous interpretations to their dreams, and this has led to untold problems in their lives.

There are three kinds of dreams people usually experience. The first one is the dream which forms an extension of the ordinary daily activities of people during the day. The second one is an insight into the inner life; the activities in the spirit realm which affect individuals in the physical. Lastly, there is the dream which is a revelation by the Spirit of God concerning the things that have happened to people in the past, or concerning things in the present or the future. Such glimpses into the spirit realm make people to know or understand what is going on in that realm, thereby alerting them of the devices of the devil and his agents concerning them.

The gross ignorance among believers in Christ and others, has encouraged me to want to shed some light on some dreams which have important spiritual significance to people’s lives subsequently.

I would also like to explain some demonic symptoms which many unwary people have taken as natural phenomena in their lives. These symptoms are demonic when they occur frequently and at specific times.

As we shall be examining these symptoms subsequently, I would advise you to open your heart to the Spirit of God in order to discover who you really are. Those who had claimed not to have any spiritual problems prior to reading my teachings on these things, have been convinced of their needs after the Spirit of God had opened their eyes thereafter. I won’t be surprised therefore if what I would be discussing subsequently would just be an accurate description of you.

In my next write-up, I will be discussing demonic influences that produce, backwardness and nonachievement in life.


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