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At the time of coming to me, this Sister had become born again and was filled with the Holy Spirit. She was in her late twenties, unmarried with no serious intentions of settling down in marriage.

In the course of the interview, I discovered that an ex boyfriend, who threatened to deal with her for refusing to marry him, had cast a spell on her. In the spirit world, she was handed over to a spirit that identified himself as JUDAS as a husband to this Sister. From the time she broke relationship with her ex-boyfriend, she never knew a permanent relationship with any opposite sex. Anytime she got engaged to a new suitor, a man would appear in the dream to her, claiming to be her husband. Consequently, an unusual hatred would rise up within her towards her new suitor, and this was to the point that she would not want to see him again. All engagements went this way. This gave her concern as she was advancing in age.

Other ugly experiences followed. Things like constant sexual dreams, insatiable urge for sex, masturbation and other forms of perversion. All these compounded her case to an alarming proportion. It was also revealed through interview that she joined a cult in school, and went through an elaborate initiation rites. With this, she acquired more spiritual powers in the dark world.

Her father was a strong cult member, and from her maternal family line, there was an existing curse that all female members of that family will remain single for life or will not enjoy marriage, which included childlessness. She confirmed this to be true from the experiences of her elder sisters and female relations in her family.

She was delivered through prayers. So many spirits were expelled out of her, which are too many to list. She left a different person. (Other things she had suffered as a result of these spirits included spiritual dryness, confusion, fear, etc).

Hallelujah Praise God!


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