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Success is not arriving at the peak overnight; it is making continuous progress. Success is not a destination, but an adventure, which is accessible to all who dare to venture. So, when everyday is a plus on the previous, you can be termed successful.

The journey to the land of success is also a covenant walk. God has His way and they are the highways of life. A strict and consistent compliance with His ways on your part will take you to your covenant dreamland of success.

Joshua 1:8 is God’s formula for success. Read it from your Bible.

Here, God is saying that there are things you must do, if you want to make your way prosperous. It is not what God will do for you, but what He is asking you to do, in order for Him to establish your desires.

Success is a covenant! No one can stop a covenant man from arriving at his ultimate. All he needs do is to know the covenant details and comply with them. The covenant is superior to the climate. Nothing can stop the covenant from prevailing. Wherever the sun prevails, there the covenant prevails.

The Lord said, “Except you can break My covenant of the day and of the night, that there should not be sun in the day and moon in the night; then may also My covenant with My servant David be broken” (Jer. 33:19-26)

Read Ecclesiastes 10:5-8 from your Bible

Here, the Holy Spirit introduces us to certain covenant secrets about success, our inheritance in God, our position in Christ, His plan and purpose for our lives and our outstanding destiny with Him. He is saying here: “There is a covenant. If you break that covenant, then you expose yourself to the wickedness of the devil.”

God’s covenant of success hinges on Wisdom, Discipline and Diligence. With these three forces working in your life, you are sure to get on your horseback.

I will be discussing these three forces one by one in subsequent write ups.