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Read Psalm 106:28 from your Bible

Idols generally hold on to their devotees. Whenever somebody is dedicated to an idol, it will ensure that as long as the person lives, he will live under its domination. Parents are generally ignorant of the consequences of dedicating a child to an idol. But the idols are well informed on the far-reaching effects of this. Our ignorance not withstanding, the idol makes sure that the terms of the dedication are kept to the letter.

Let me tell you a true story to support this point. A woman did not know the implications of dedicating her three children to some local idols until she was shocked by a strange event. The woman ran to the church confused and bewildered to tell me the story. She had three children who were studying in three different universities abroad.

Two of the children were deported to Nigeria on the same day. The third child suddenly felt a strange pull towards home. A voice told him: “Stop whatever you are doing, buy a ticket and travel to Nigeria.” The urge was so strong that he boarded an aircraft without knowing the reason behind the sudden trip.

Strangely, he arrived home on the same day with his two deported brothers. The mother felt like committing suicide. In the midst of that condition, she rushed to the church and found her way to the counselling room. It was there she discovered that her three children had been married spiritually to family spirit wives.

Unknown to the three men, the day they came home was the date of their spiritual marriage. They had no idea whatsoever that while they were young, their mother dedicated them for marriage to some local idols. Who would have thought that three men, who were studying abroad were tied to the apron strings of powerful spirit wives, that were based in Nigeria?

Events that are similar to the one described above, are taking place on regular basis in the lives of people all over the world. This message is of great concern to everyone.

Many people have wondered why they have continued to fight tough battles in life. A sister once had a dream where she saw herself putting on a crown. She was shocked seeing herself surrounded by a crowd who were bowing to her. She reacted: “Why are you greeting me in that manner. I am sure you know that I’m just a young girl. The crowd’s reply shocked her “We must greet you with respect because you are a queen. There is a crown on your head.” The sister was devastated, she did not know that she was dedicated to a local idol. The fact that she was not aware did not cancel the evil dedication.

Terrible things follow evil dedication. Most of what is done in the name of tradition and culture, like pouring of libations, making sacrifices to the dead and other forms of rituals, are evil dedications. Those who get involved with these practices go into voluntary bondage. Once you are dedicated to a particular power, a particular pattern of evil will result. Here lies the core of many stubborn African problems. Africa is one of the richest continents in terms of natural endowment, material and human resources as well as potentials.

Unfortunately, the continent has never benefited from these good resources. We produce all kinds of raw materials. Other nations buy these things and come back to sell them to us. Research records show that 54 percent of all the world’s gold reserve can be found in Africa. Yet the price of gold is determined by developed Western nations. The evil dedication which we are involved with in Africa, has resulted in backwardness. Our ancestors sold us out.

Millions of people are suffering as a result of ancestral bondage.

Deliverance is not as simple as it appears. Sometimes, it could be a complex process. For those who come from a background of evil dedication; it could be a very tedious process. Sometimes, deliverance can be likened to peeling off the skin of an onion. When you peel off a particular layer, you come across the next layer. You keep peeling off layer upon layer until the whole onion is finished. For example, going through a deliverance session might open up another layer of problems. After achieving initial deliverance, evil dreams may surface.

Deliverance may, therefore lead to the discovery of other problems that has remained hidden for a long time.

In my next write up I will be discussing the symptoms of evil dedication.

Also at the end of the teaching on symptoms of evil dedication, I will be sharing deliverance prayers that will liberate you from evil dedication.