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In the world of success, information is the greatest asset. There are people in various businesses today who do not know anything about their business except for personal ideas, some of which are very weak.

When God gave the formula for success, He tied it to information: “This book of the law (the Bible) shall not depart…”

Every successful person in the world today encountered one information or the other, that brought about his success. Richard Branson (the owner of Virgin Airline in Britain) was rated the eleventh wealthiest Briton about some years ago. He rose to this position by the information he came across from reading a little book, Small Is Beautiful. Branson dropped out of school at the age of 19 and started business as a newspaper vendor. But the information he gathered from that little box paved the way for his great heights in business.

Another man, James Owens (popularly known as Jesse Owens), picked a piece of information from his coach in school and went on to win four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. He set a world record in the running board jump (also called long jump) that stood for 25 years. He told his coach, “I want to be a star.” The coach replied, “Boy, you want to be a star? Very simple. You require determination, dedication, attitude and discipline. With these four, you can get to any height in the world of sports.”

Owens utilized the information and became a resounding success in the world of success and is still being celebrated today! All by information!

To be informed is to be transformed! By laying hold of relevant information and applying themselves to the information, these men were able to transform their lives and destinies!

We can’t go any further than we are informed. It is an idea that begets an ideal, a thought gives birth to acts, which in turn give birth to results. Thus, your value for information is what ultimately determines the level of transformation you will experience or enjoy. Information is vital!

To be a resounding success on the earth, you need a working knowledge of your assignment. If you are in business, strive to have a good working knowledge of that business, so that your work won’t be wearisome.

Read Ecclesiastes 10:15 from your Bible

The man doesn’t have a working knowledge of his job, so he has a problem on hand. To be a resounding success, you need to know what obtains, what makes it work and apply yourself to them.

Every candidate in an exam has an idea, but only those that have facts scale through. You don’t pass exams with ideas, but with facts. Likewise, you need facts about whatever you are doing to succeed in it. It takes facts to become fat. Every fat mark is as a result of facts. It takes facts to be fat. If you don’t know the answer to any question in an examination, even if you are given ten hours to write it, you still won’t finish. But when you have the facts, you can even finish before the time alloted is over.

What facts do is to make you stand out among your equals. If you locate the facts of life, you will be a highflyer. So, apply yourself to locating those facts, then put them to work in your life. That’s all it takes to be a success!

Only lazy men believe in luck, men of worth believe in facts that make for success. A wise man once said, “Success is a matter of luck, ask any failure.”

Read Proverbs 24:3-4 from your Bible

Facts are what make one profit wonderfully!