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The Ministry of Witchcraft (2)

Read Nahum 3:1-4 from your Bible

This passage gives us a very clear picture about the reality and the operations of witchcraft. Does this not sound like a clear picture of what is happening in our cities today?

This passage makes certain things clear.

One, the practice of witchcraft goes side by side with the shedding of blood.

Two, prostitution or halotry and witchcraft are strange bed fellows. Witchcraft abounds wherever there is prostitution. Nobody can be a prostitute without being initiated into witchcraft. It is a pity that some men are foolishly initiated into witchcraft by committing immorality with prostitutes. Prostitution is the mother of witchcraft. Conversely, witchcraft is the mother of prostitution.

Three, witchcraft brings about multiple deaths.

In 1990, there was a terrible catastrophe in Jesse town in Delta state, Nigeria where almost one thousand souls were Lost in a fire incident. Was it ordinary? It was a clear manifestation of the wickedness of witchcraft. This shows us that any city or community that is dominated by witchcraft will be bloody in every practical sense of the word.

Another equally important passage is Isaiah 49:24-26 read it from your Bible

This passage teaches that there are two types of captives:

lawful and unlawful captives.

What is witchcraft? You may ask. I will be unveiling that in the next write up.