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The teaching on the ministry of witchcraft is one of the most neglected teachings among Christian believers. The understanding of most people is either shallow or limited in this area. The problem of witchcraft is as old as humankind’s history.

Witches and wizards have operated from time immemorial. Sadly enough, many Christians are afraid of reading any literature on the subject of witchcraft. They prefer to remain ignorant as a result of the fear of receiving spiritual harm from witches and wizards. Unfortunately, such people have suffered in ignorance. Some of them have been attacked by witches and wizards.

Those who are not attacked live under the paralyzing force of fear of witches and wizards. At the end, a lot of people suffer unnecessarily when they ought to be living in victory. It is my desire, therefore, to demystify the ministry of witchcraft and provide sound biblical teachings about the believer’s victory over the power and manifestation of witchcraft.

You may ask? What insights has the Bible given us concerning this subject?

Read Ezekiel 8:7-12 from your Bible

This passage reveals one of the earliest recorded manifestations of witchcraft in the Scriptures. Witches and wizards were operating in the form of creeping things, abominable things and idols. The Lord gave Ezekiel this revelation.

Do you know that you can also pray to the point, when God can give you a revelation which will bring you face to face with the physical operations of witchcraft.

I will be teaching on series of what I caption “disgracing the ministry of witchcraft.” and how to overpower them.