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“GRACE…it is the gift of God.” (Ephesians 2:8)

Just like every other gift of God, grace has to be stirred up.

Read 2 Timothy 1:6 from your Bible

The word “stir” in the above scripture simply means to activate, to cause to be active and to bring into use. The grace of God, which is a gift from God, can therefore, be likened to a deposit of great treasure on the inside of man.

At salvation, this treasure is deposited inside man by God, through Jesus Christ. However, for that great treasure to be useful to man, there has to be a stirring up; it has to be activated, and put to use.

God deposits the treasure inside man, but man has the responsibility to activate it before he can benefit from it. Granted, the grace of God has so much to offer man, but it has to be activated, stirred up, put to work, caused to be active, before man can enjoy its benefits.

Great is the deposit of the grace of God on the inside of the believer; but there has been very little stirring up. The reason you are not enjoying the grace of God more than you should right now, is not because that grace is not available, it is because there is no enough of stirring up.

The more you activate the grace of God in vour life (i.e. stir up, put to use, cause to be active), the more you enjoy that grace and vice versa. God is constant; He will always fulfill His own part. Man is the variable, and he must fulfill his own part of activating the grace of God, before he can enjoy it.

Please be aware that it is your personal, non-transferable responsibility to stir up the deposit of the grace of God in you, no one can do this on behalf of another! The level to which you enjoy the grace deposit in you, is determined by how much you activate it.

May you not be a waster of the gift of God in your life!

For you to enjoy the grace of God, you must acknowledge that it is already deposited in you at salvation. Then you appreciate the power embedded in it, and tap into it. Remember: This grace has already appeared, it is not a thing to be awaited.

Read Titus 2:11 from your Bible

If you will only acknowledge, appreciate and tap into this grace which has already appeared, the iron gates of life will constantly open to you on their own accord.

Whenever it seems there is no way out of any challenging life situation for you, remember to acknowledge, appreciate and tap into the grace of God. As you do so, the supernatural will take place! You tap into the grace of God by stirring it up.

In my next write-up, I will be discussing on how you can stir up the grace of God.


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