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Read Hosea 10:12 from your Bible

The greatness of the end-time Church that is foretold in scriptures is impossible without the rain of righteousness. It is the fundamental rain of God. It precedes the release of every other rain, and ultimately leads to the glory of the Church.

For instance, we understand that it is impossible to encounter the rain of the Spirit until the rain of righteousness is in place.

Read Acts 2:38 from your Bible

The rain of the Spirit comes after repentance. Even Jesus Christ had to obey this law.
Righteousness was what triggered off the flow of the anointing of the Holy Ghost upon Him (Psalm 45:7). Jesus loved righteousness above all His fellows, and He was anointed with the oil of gladness above them all. He enjoyed unction without measure, because He was pure beyond measure!

The rain of righteousness is also crucial to the release of the rain of the Word

Read Isaiah 55:6-7,10 from your Bible

In essence, God’s Word will come on you as the rain when you forsake every act of wickedness and embrace righteousness

In Hebrews 9, we discover that the mysteries of life are deposited in the most holy place—talking about the tabernacle of Moses and its present day significance. That was where the golden pot that had manna was. That is where the deep things (the profound revelations) are located. But we are made to understand that no unrighteous man ever gains access to these mysteries. Only those sanctified by the blood and yielded to God can proceed into the most holy place.

Read Hebrews 9:7 from your Bible

It takes righteousness to enter where the tables of the covenant are, just as it takes the rain of consecration to release the rain of revelation.

Read Mark 4:11-12 from your Bible

Reading this, you may wonder, “Who are those without?” Revelation 22:15 tell us “without are dogs.” Then 2 Peter 2:22 tell us that dogs are those who return to their vomit. These are habitual sinning Christians. They are those who return to the habits they had earlier given up. Such Christians will never have access to depths of mysteries that make stars of men. Remember, Paul said, “the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life” (2 Corinthians 3:6). Sinning Christians only have the letter of the Word, lacking the Spirit that will make it produce life.

It takes the rain of righteousness to experience the rain of revelation. There was a strong wave of consecration in the early Church. The rain of righteousness had been falling, sweeping off dubious characters like Ananias and Sapphira. And because the rain of righteousness was in place, it paved the way for the showers of revelation.

Read Acts 6:7 from your Bible

If you want to see an increase in revelation in your life, then you must seek the rain of righteousness. Remember that “without are dogs.” How much understanding can you put into a dog? No matter how long he has been your pet, he will never think like a man; he can never become your son.

Every blessing of God is rooted in righteousness.

Read Psalm 24:3-5 from your Bible

What will this righteous man receive? “the blessing from the Lord.” Psalm 112:1 also tells us that the man that fears the Lord and delights greatly in His commandments is blessed. Wealth and riches reside in his house, and his seeds become mighty on the earth.

People may mock you for choosing to follow the path of righteousness today, but until men mock you, God cannot make you. The rain of righteousness must precede the showers of blessing.

When you embrace righteousness, your journey through life ends up in blessings, no matter what it may look like now. Your beginning may be small, but your latter end shall greatly increase (Job 8:7).

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