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Read John 6:54 from your Bible

The phrase “… the last day…” could have diverse interpretations. It can be interpreted to mean the end of times, the latter days. Also, it can be interpreted to mean the hereafter, after death. We shall examine the lifting effect of the Communion Table with respect to these two interpretations here.

Let us examine the “…last day…” in John 6:54 meaning the end of times, the latter days. Without any doubt, no one needs to be told to know that we are in the last days. These are the days described by Apostle Paul as perilous times (2 Timothy 3:1-4).

These are indeed the last days and God is determined to raise and distinguish the believer in every area of life. Joel chapter 2 describes the state of affairs at this time as being bleak for the inhabitants of the earth; but for the believers, the earth shall be like the Garden of Eden. What a distinction!

Read Joel 2:2,3 and 24 from your Bible

This confirms that there is going to be an astronomical lifting of God’s people spiritually, financially, materially, physically, etc., these last days. One way this is going to become a reality, is through our understanding of what the Communion stands for and our partaking of it worthily. In essence, that scripture in John 6:54 which talks about God raising His people through the Communion, has a present day relevance.

Earlier, it was mentioned that the Communion is meant to raise us up now and in the last day. However, it has been established that we are already living in the last days, so God’s lifting is imminent. May you not miss your own! This is the first interpretation of John 6:54.

In my next write-up, I will examine the ability of the Communion to raise up on the last day, the hereafter.


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