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Anxiety over anything is a proof of one’s ignorance of God’s provisions. Ignorance was what defeated Job, even before the enemy attacked him. There is no aspect of life, no question, no problem that does not have an answer in God’s Word. But ignorance will keep a man’s head bowed in worry.

Fear is not of God, neither is doubt, unbelief or uncertainty. They all lead to worry, which must be uprooted.

Until you know or discover the truth of any situation, you cannot experience total freedom. Eve was ignorant of her divine placement, so she fell for the offer of the devil to become like God. She was already made in God’s image, but ignorance robbed her of this blessing and led to the fall of man.

Read Psalm 82:6 from your Bible

Jesus opened our eyes to see that God is aware of our needs and wants them met. He does not want us fretting over them as do the Gentiles, no! He is aware of our needs and promises to supply them according to His riches in glory.

Read Matthew 6:31-32 from your Bible

There are two things to do with the truth in this scripture. One, know that your heavenly Father knows your needs. Secondly, apply this truth by shifting your focus. Seek not what to eat, drink or wear, but seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness and then expect to have all these other things added unto you. It is not enough to know this truth, but you must apply it to your life also. Ignorance of this truth and its application will cause anxiety over what to wear, what to eat and what to drink.


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