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Read Zechariah 12:10 from your Bible

There is a Spirit called “The Spirit of grace!” When at work in a man’s life, its effect is better experienced than described; it is far beyond any human imagination!

This Spirit of grace is an integral aspect of the grace of God described in Scriptures. This is the divine enabling that comes upon a man directly from the Spirit of God. It is the same Spirit referred to in Hebrews 10:29 read it from your Bible.

The Spirit of grace makes a man to find favour with God and empowers him beyond his natural capabilities.

At best, in one’s own abilities, one can only accomplish so much. Nothing outstanding or extraordinary can be achieved outside of the Spirit of grace.

The good news is that Spirit this Spirit is available to all believers who desires it. That is why the scripture in Zechariah 12:10 says:

“And I will pour upon the house of David… the spirit of grace…”

God wants to pour out the Spirit of grace liberally and lavishly on all spiritual members of the house of David (believers).

When the Spirit of grace comes upon you, it causes you to enjoy and display the favour of God everywhere you are found, and in whatever situation you are in.

It comes from God through Jesus Christ, and goes to affect the particular area it is released to affect.

How do I partake of this Spirit of grace?,” you may ask. I will be discussing this in my subsequent write-ups.


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