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Read Philippians 2:10 from your bible

From the scripture above, there are three different realms of battles, i.e. in heaven, on earth, and beneath the earth.


There are battles fought in the air. It could be physical (e.g. with the use of aircraft) or spiritual. In the spiritual dimension, it is instructive to state here that there are three (3) heavens, viz: The heaven of heavens (i.e. third heaven), where God dwells, The starry heaven (i.e. second heaven), and the atmospheric heaven (first heaven) where we have the clouds and the sky.

The first and second heavens are inhabited by some fallen angels from where they launch battles against the destinies of men.

Read Ephesians 2:2 from your bible

The above scripture describes Satan as the prince of the power of the air. This means that there are powers resident in the air; i.e. above the ground (atmosphere) and satan is the prince or ruler in charge.

Read Daniel 10:12-13 from your Bible

From the above scripture, we can perceive the activity of a ruler of the atmospheric or starry heaven at work. The prince of Persia was able to withstand an angel of God for twenty one days until a mightier angel was sent. This took place in the spirit realm. We are told again in the bible of another fallen principality who occupies the heavenlies – the queen of heaven (Jeremiah 44:17-19). This is also an agent of satan who sponsors occultism and make use of the sun, moon and star to launch attack against men.

Read Psalms 121:6 from your Bible

Moses, whose prayers were recorded in this Psalm, was trained to be the next Pharaoh in Egypt; hence, he was fully abreast of the practice of occultism and mesmerism. He knew it was possible to summon the power of the sun and moon, through the occult, to harm people and/ or control their destinies. Zodiac signs and readings are not hidden knowledge in today’s world. It is an open practice. But all these are part of occultism. Astrology and Horoscope are the use of occult powers to manipulate and/or study the star(s) in attempt to control events or to make forecasts about people’s future.

Some persons fall sick at night, but get well during the day. It is the moon that is working against them. While others are troubled during the day, but well at night. The sun has been manipulated to work against them. They may also summon the stars to work against a person. This may make their destinies to capsize. We must pray to overcome these powers.


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