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Every redeemed child of God has a tradable talent that can occupy him profitably. We have all been endowed with talent and commended by Jesus to “occupy till I come.” He gave to everyone according to our several abilities.

You have a rich endowment on your inside, but you are wasting away because you can’t see it. Self-discovery is the highway to self-recovery. Elisha asked that widow, “What has thou in thy house?” You are indebted and a failure today because you haven’t located that rich deposit you have been endowed with.

You are the Temple of God. There is something inside you that is crying out for expression, but because you don’t have a good work culture or mentality, it is wasting away. Your talent (what you have been endowed with) is superior to your education (what you studied in school). Your qualification cannot withstand your talents; so trade that talent, don’t let it rot away!

In Jesus’ parable of the talents in Matthew 25, the servants who traded with their talents made much more talents and increased by them. If you put your hands to work with the talents inside you, you will be so occupied all the days of your life, that no one can deny your success on the earth.

All that is needed to make you successful is inside you! A brother needed to start doing something and he came to me for prayers. According to him, immediately I laid my hands upon him, he began to hear, “Water, water.” God released him into water business and his heaven opened and has remained open ever since.

May God cause the scales on your eyes to fall off, so you can see that glorious destiny God had in store for you, in Jesus’ mighty name! You will enter into it and the world will know that it is the hand of the Lord.

Friend, no one succeeds by accident. Success is a product of labour, for, “In all labour there is profit.” Profiting in life comes as a result of labour. What you don’t put into life, don’t expect to get out of it. I believe that you are only guaranteed good success after you have poured yourself into your work. Without a personal input you will never experience personal success.

Failure and poverty are curses caused by laziness, not Satan. The Bible says, “A little sleep, a little slumber” not, A little Satan, a little demon”

Read Proverbs 6:10-11 from your Bible

The cheapest way to fight failure is to work hard. There is no substitute for hard work, if you must succeed. When you despise hard work, you have made a choice for a hard life. If you don’t work, you will beg and begging is contrary to righteousness. The Bible says the sleep of a hardworking man is sweet (Ecclesiastes 5:12). Get excited with work, and failure will leave you alone. Approach that your little kiosk as though it were a big supermarket. Get up early in the morning and be there. Have an account book for your sales.

You have a great future! It is impossible for God not to bless you, but it has to be through the work of your hands. If you do nothing, multiply nothing by one thousand, what you have is nothing, that is, no blessing. Many of us will flow in billions, but we need a billion range diligence to see this. Be sold out to the assignment you have on hand. Things will never work by you watching them, they will only work for you by you working them out.

Your destiny is determined by what you do with your hands. Be determined to keep your destiny alive. Don’t wait for life to deliver what it wishes to you. By your hands, you must make your life count according to God’s purpose for you.