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Read 1 Corinthians 15:33-34 and Proverbs 13:20 from your Bible

Oh yes! Many people have been trapped in the destructive net of Satan through what they have read in books. Some books are inspired and written by demonic personalities. The spirits in these authors are easily transferred into those who read their books.

These books may promise to develop one’s spiritual self, and may appeal to the carnal mind. They may also attempt to suggest ways and means through which readers can meet God without going through Jesus Christ.

Some of these books teach astral projection, transcendental meditation, invocation of spirits, witchcraft and the power of the mind, etc.

As books inspired by the forces of darkness, they easily trap the minds of unwary mankind. As one begins to read them, the books would first appear interesting and harmless, but before long, the spirit in the author quietly gets transferred to the reader, who will now be compelled to practice what he is reading.

People are known to have been occupied by demons by simply reading this type of books. Such books as Sixth and Seventh books of Moses, books by Lobsang Rampa, magical books, “How to picture what you want”, the book of Mormons, Metaphysical books, and many romance novels fall into this category. They promote transference of spirits.

Some of the people I have ministered to confirmed that their uncontrollable sexual lust came as a result of volumes of romance books they read and the porno movies they had watched in the past. I can assure you that the Holy Spirit’s anointing is able to set you free if you find yourself in this trap of the enemy.

At the very end of the series of teaching on this subject, I will give you Deliverance prayers that will deliver you from all forms of transference of spirits.

In my next write-up I will be discussing on Transference Of Spirits Through Objects And Food.


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