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Read 1 Corinthians 15:34-34 and Proverbs 13:20 from your Bible

Experience has shown that the spirit of divorce and remarriage transfers itself from one generation to the other. I have interviewed many people who had marital problems, and have discovered that such problems were not new in their large families. Such problems were found to have existed for years before such people were even born.

Majority of these people had come from polygamous homes with parents who had married more than once, and had this same spirit of divorce dominating them.

I do not mean that all cases of divorce and remarriage are directly linked to this, but I have found that over sixty percent of the people who could not keep their marriages are under the influence of the spirit of divorce and remarriage, which must have operated in their family lines even in previous generations. These spirits were transferred to somebody in the family at one time or the other in the past and had continued down the family line.

Do you know that there are families where women find it difficult to maintain stable matrimonial homes? In such families you are likely to find women who have married more than once.

A Christian sister in her late forties discovered this in her family rather too late. When she came to me, she told me all her sisters including herself got married to very nice men, whom they later divorced. The usual thing was for the woman involved to return to their family house, and from there accumulate wealth to build their own houses, where they would spend the rest of their lives.

The reasons for divorcing their husbands were usually minor issues that could easily be resolved, but were never resolved. It had become an evil family pattern, which everybody who got married had to follow.

All the women would get married but would end up returning to the family compound. Men became scared and avoided marrying from that family. Then she became born again and wondered why things were like that in her family.

When she made enquiries, she discovered that their grandfather had pronounced a curse on her family that none of his grand daughters would ever remain in their matrimonial homes. This curse held the spirit of divorce in place and it lingered in the family and manifested whenever anyone got married in the family.

However, freedom came to her when I prayed for her and revoked the curse and terminated the assignment of the spirit of divorce in her life. Only then did she settle down in her mind to maintain a stable partner and home.

At the very end of the series of teaching on this subject, I will give you Deliverance prayers that will deliver you from all forms of transference of spirits.

In my next write-up I will be discussing on Transference Of Spirits Through Association.



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