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Read 1 Corinthians 15:33-34 and Proverbs 13:20 from your Bible

Many marriages are in trouble today because of hands laid on the couple on their traditional or white wedding days.

The person who joins a couple in holy matrimony or who “prays” for them during their engagement or traditional marriage, matters a lot.

The man who stands to officiate in a wedding ceremony carries a positive or negative anointing. Let me remind you that the devil has great interest in marriages since he knows that when everything works out fine and to the glory of God, his kingdom will suffer.

If a man or priest who beats and maltreats his wife and children joins you in marriage, that spirit operating in him and his home, may be transferred to you through the hands he lays on you and the pronouncements he made during the marriage ceremony. The same thing applies if the man or priest is dishonest or immoral.

Husbands and wives in many homes today, find it difficult to cope with one another because of the spirit of quarrelling and confusion transferred to them from the man who “blessed” them during their marriage ceremony.

Many couples have divorced without any cogent reason. The reason could be traceable to the divorced priest who joined them in marriage. By simply laying hands on the new couple, he transferred the spirit of divorce into the new marriage. These people had said “Amen” to the man’s pronouncements and blessings, therefore, the devil would operate on a legal ground since they had agreed with the enemy without conscious knowledge of the fact.

Let me show you one proof of this.

A particular man of God in one African country was usually the guest minister in many wedding ceremonies where he was invited to join couples. But most of the couples he joined in marriage had serious problems whose causes they could not identify for sometime, until many years later.

It was when this man’s own marriage was broken on the grounds of adultery that the eyes of many popped open. His secrets were exposed as constant fights and quarrels characterized his own marriage.

The couples he joined, who had recorded serious problems in their marriages, began to understand where their problems emanated from in the first place.

There was another man of God who had a big church but was living in sexual immorality. This man had constantly laid hands on many of his leaders and members during ministrations and ordinations. Some of these people knew their big man was living in immorality but were ignorant of the effect it could have on their lives because of the hands he had laid upon them.

But the “disease” in that leader broke out and the whole church was affected. Like an infectious disease, the spirit in the leader affected the senior pastors, group leaders and members. They could not understand what was wrong with them until some pastors had to pull out of the man’s ministry. It was after that that they understood.

“Give no place to the devil.” (Eph. 4:27)

At the very end of the series of teaching on this subject, I will give you Deliverance prayers that will deliver you from all forms of transference of spirits.


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