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Death means cessation of life. And Jesus says in John 10:10, He came to give us life, and that we will have it more abundantly.

Read John 10:10 from your Bible

Everything that makes life comfortable is what Jesus came to give to us. But what is making life uncomfortable? That is what the spirit of death does.

The spirit of death can sit upon a business and the business will die. It may not necessarily kill somebody. It may sit upon somebody’s car, and the engines will die and not work.

It can enter into a marriage and the marriage will die. You may pray all manner of prayers, but if you don’t rebuke the spirit of death, the marriage will not succeed because death means cessation of life. It may rest on finance, on spiritual life and the person will be dead financially and spiritually.

No matter what you preach or say, the person will be lukewarm. Pour oil, lay hands, do everything, he will remain so.

The spirit of death can terminate pregnancy. It promotes spontaneous abortion. It can make somebody’s life fruitless. Whatever he lays his hand to do will not work. He may be employed; sooner or later he will be sacked.

It can also take somebody physically. The purpose of death is to kill, destroy their victims and make them have unfulfilled destinies.

There are four kinds of death namely: Spiritual Death, Physical Death, Eternal Death, and Financial Death. I will be discussing each of them subsequently.


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