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(1). It is the exercise of supernatural power by possessed persons, who are in league with the devil.

(2). It is conference with the devil to carry out evil acts . Today, many people are having regular fellowship with the devil.

(3). It is the practice of magic and soccery.

(4). It is the use of demonic influence to undo or subdue other people. Witchcraft agents generally use their powers to manipulate or subdue innocent men and women.

(5). It is an intercourse with evil spirits to fulfill a very wicked design.

(6). It is the use of satanic weapon to cause evil to others and to destroy their good prospects.

(7). It is the use of invisible powers to carry out evil assignments.

(8). It is spiritual defilement. That is why some people find themselves in the toilet in their dreams. Others find themselves in dirty environment with faeces rubbed all over their bodies and flies covering them. These are manifestations of witchcraft operations.

(9). It is stealing of peace from a particular person or place. Once peace is withdrawn from a particular place you are left with chaos. Witchcraft powers tamper with peace in many homes.

(10). It is the art of causing constant oppression to other people using satanic weapons.

The enemy does not mind employing a whole army to fight against a single individual. That is why some people are surrounded by multiple battles. They fight one battle only to face another one. They conclude that the battle is over when evil powers are only taking their time in order to garner more reinforcement.

I will be unveiling the weapons of witchcraft forces in the next write up so you can be alerted.

*At the very end of these series of teachings I will unveil how to over power them and live a victorious Christian life.