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“Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms.” (James 5:13)

Prayer is one of God’s vital solutions for afflictions. It is the Holy Ghost’s prescription for deliverance from oppressions.

“Is any among you afflicted? Let him pray.” Not, “…let him cry…”, or, “let him watch…”That means anyone that is battered, tormented or depressed is expected to pray for deliverance. If you want to see that yoke on your life broken, you must pray. If you want the forces beclouding your destiny to be shattered, prayer is the kingdom force recommended for your deliverance.

You are not born for afflictions; you are created to reflect the glory of God, and prayer is what it takes to enforce your manifestations. Prayer is what you use to free yourself from all afflictions of the enemy and for the restoration of your beauty in Christ. When Hannah was afflicted with barrenness, she went to the temple and prayed. God heard her and gave her a son (1 Sam. 1:9-20).

Paul and Silas were locked up in prison, after having been beaten with stripes. But at midnight, they prayed and sang praises to God, and He came down in an earthquake and loosed their bands (Acts 16:25-26).

The children of Israel were in bondage in Egypt for over 400 years. God only sent them help after He heard their cries in prayer.

Read Exodus 3:7-8 from your Bible

So, until you cry out against that affliction in your life, it remains. God only responds to your voice in prayer, to put a stop to the assault of the devil in your life.

Apart from destroying afflictions, prayer puts you on the line for divine visitations and turns your captivity.

Don’t watch that long – standing problem – joblessness, barrenness or lack of peace in your home destroy you. Cry out to God in prayers against it, remind Him of His promises in His Word that exempt you from such afflictions, and you will be free! Read Psalm 125:3 from your Bible.

So, it is not God’s will that the enemy should afflict you; your prayers can stop him.