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When a battle is psychological, it is a battle of the mind.

Read 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 from your bible

You may not be physically sick, but you are constantly losing weight. Doctors are unable to diagnose anything. This is satan waging war against the mind through negative thoughts and imagination, fear of the unknown, confusion, suicidal tendencies, frustration, anxiety, worries, low self-esteem, hopelessness, discontentment, etc. All of these can drain life out of a man. One may be eating well (in most cases, or may lack appetite) but continues to lose weight as a result of the state of one’s mind. The devil is waging a psychological battle against such a person.

You must realize that until you are defeated in your mind or you accept defeat mentally, you cannot be defeated. If you refuse to give up or refuse to be discouraged, you will definitely make progress or move forward in life. But if you allow discouragement and hopelessness, there is nothing anyone, even God, can do to help you.

Read 1 Samuel 30:5-6 from your Bible

You are not better than the quality of your mind. If you allow the devil to capture your mind thereby influencing your choices and decisions, you will be traveling on the wrong path and may soon end up nowhere. Unbelief is of the mind. The mind must be renewed and every unfruitful and unproductive imagination cast down for us to make progress. Any thought that is not in line with God’s Word is satan shooting arrows at your mind. Satan wants to capture your mind and then rule your life. If you allow him, he will build a stronghold. A stronghold which will later become the habitation of demonic forces.

When you check the language of some people and their philosophies for living, you will notice those whose mind have been captured by satan. When you hear a man say “there are those who God has predestined to be great and others to serve them,” you will know that that person has surrendered himself already to satan.

May God give you an understanding heart in the name of Jesus.