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Apostolic Prophetic


A.K.A Liberation Ministry

Dear Believer,

I welcome you into a new season in the move of God for His end-time church, in gathering His end-time army. It is my pleasure to introduce to you, APOSTOLIC PROPHETIC NETWORK LIBERATION MINISTRY, a movement called forth by God Himself to join in the building of this end-time army.

APOSTOLIC PROPHETIC NETWORK LIBERATION MINISTRY is birthed out of a divine Mandate to serve as part of a people that will discern the times, partner with God and usher in His Glory into His end-time church.

APOSTOLIC PROPHETIC NETWORK LIBERATION MINISTRY’s mandate comes from the book of 1 Samuel 10 vs 5-6, 19 vs 19-20, 2 Corinthians 5 vs 17 which is a revelatory truth of people encountering God and immediately became a new person. Breaking forth from old cycles and entering into new cycles of the Glory of God.

Founder: Pst Nath

About Us

APOSTOLIC PROPHETIC NETWORK LIBERATION MINISTRY as a non-denominational ministry is an expression of the church of Christ; His Bride...

We aim to achieve our mission by partnering with other apostolic and prophetic ministries and networks who in recognition of the corporate responsibility given to believers through the great commission are working towards the transformation of lives and nations at large. 



We minister to people via the word of God and through a one on one online appointment. Book for an online appointment with us and be rest assured that with God works wonders. 

The ministry by the grace of God is a deliverance, liberation and dream interpretation platform helping believer to navigate through spiritual pathways to obtain their divine inheritances.

We are available for counselling and prophetic intercessory prayer sessions in the Holy-Ghost to catalyse Believers into the fullness of their divine purpose 24/7 daily from 7am Nigerian time.

People's Testimonies

I give thanks to God for the ministry of Pastor Nathan. I was being attacked on all sides by spiritual forces and my job, kids, health - virtually everything was being attacked. I called on Pastor Nathan and he willingly allowed God to use him to pray deliverance and other prayers for me and my kids tirelessly! Our family is grateful for the support of Pastor Nathan’s ministry for their intervention each day to see that our health, job, dreams and entire lives are placed before God for protection. We are in a better place to the Glory of God. 



In 2018, I was facing many challenges in my life. To put it simply, my destiny was under attack. I truly thank God that He led me to Pastor Nathan and his deliverance ministry. Otherwise, I don’t know where I would be in my life. Pastor Nathan was my prayer answered. After connecting with his ministry and sharing with him my plight,

Pastor Nathan engaged me in deliverance by the Word of God, which also involved prayer, fasting and dream interpretation. Pastor Nathan was deeply committed to my situation. Truly, I have never seen a man of God show such level of compassion and dedication. I was able to receive my deliverance and I also witnessed many miraculous breakthroughs, including in my career to finally owning my own home. My destiny has since been fully restored, praise God. The enemy has been put to shame forever. Jesus is Lord!

Papa, I thank God for you. I pray that He continues to bless you always and that His overflow, His Spirit, power and anointing be released over you and your ministry, in Jesus mighty Name. Amen. 



To God be the Glory!
In October 2021 God divinely connected me to Pst. Nath and his deliverance ministry. How do I know that it was divine connection? I had a dream and what I saw was Pst. Nath approving my work, I shared this dream with him and he said that, that is God approving my work. I saw in another dream that my son and I was on a fast-moving bus, and Pst. Nath was running beside the bus, to take my son and I off. Two years before I met Pst. Nath I was having bad dreams and I couldn’t find anyone who could help me. Until one day I stumble across a man of Gods internet that led me to his prayer alter where I would have my encounter with Pst. Nath.

I was very scared to share my dream experience at first because I didn’t know what was going on. I sent him a private message and explained one of my dreams to him. To my surprise that he responded to me. He told me exactly what the dream meant, and what I needed to do. I asked him for help; he was so eager and so willing to help me. We started our deliverance in October 2020. I followed all the instruction, that he gave me and always on that 3rd night after the fasting when him and his team would pray I always saw the victories in a dream, not only that each time the Holy Spirit led me back to my dream books and every deliverance that he took me through was recorded in my dream book, two years prior to meeting him.

Mind you I am an American, Pst. Nath is Nigerian, never met him a day in my life, he was so in line with the holy spirit, then I knew that I was in good hands. when he thought we were done with my deliverances, what really made me keeping coming back to him with my dreams, he said to me; (you got my number I am here if you need more help). What true Pastor these days give you an open invitation to come back. Another thing he never once asked me for money, but because I am a giver, I freely sowed into his ministry. Low and behold I needed his help even more. I was having more and more bad dreams. This deliverance went on for 2 years just as it was prophesied in one of my dreams. Unbeknownst to me, my grandmother, grandfather, mother sisters were all witches.

My foundation was terribly bad, bad, bad, and God was using me to be the light for my family. Pst. Nath worked with me so very diligently, household enemies and their network of witches were attacking my son and, terribly. I thank God for Pst. Nath who was obedient to God and worked diligently to help me. What was so amazing to me, is that every deliverance session, he took me through the battles were already won two years prior to meeting him. He also began to teach me how to go into covenants with God once I got delivered from each thing.

When all the deliverances were ended; it still wasn’t over, now God is using Pst. Nath to bring me into the ministry; I had a dream that he was my teacher. And I am learning so much, that I never knew before. All the bad dreams are gone and the witches has retreated. Today I want to give all Glory to God Almighty; my son and I are healed delivered and set free. Everything the enemy set out to do unto us has failed. Jesus is Lord!



This is to give thanks to God and testify of His mighty doings in my life. I will not forget the year 2002 in a hurry. It was the year the Lord changed my story. The Lord gave me a job which was higher than my certificate and He did so wonderfully without allowing me to face the interview panel set up to interview us. I want to appreciate Pastor Nath immensely for the way God used him to bring about a great turn around in my life. Ever since I made contact with him, my life has never been the same again. Glory be God. 

Brother Eddy