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ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF GRACE 4 – It Makes The Impossible Possible

Also, when the grace of God is actively at work in a man’s life, it makes the impossible possible.

Noah was instructed to build an ark.

Read Genesis 6:14, 15 from your Bible

Noah had never seen an ark before this time, but he was to make one. There was nothing to make reference to in the construction of this ark, save the description which he received from God. “What an impossible task!,” he must have thought.

Secondly, Noah had never seen a flood before, since it had never rained! Genesis
2:5 says: “…for the Lord had not caused it to rain upon the earth…”

What if he made the ark and the flood carried it away or it sank? Can you imagine the kind of questions that would have gone on in the mind of Noah?

Regardless of these, Noah received strength and the ability to do the naturally impossible, because he found grace in the sight of God.

I discovered that with all the technology present today, no one has been able to build that type of ark. A person once said that Noah’s ark was the best ocean liner to date!

Consider how many living creatures exist on the surface of the earth today; Noah took them according to God’s Word into the ark.

Read Genesis 7:2-3, 8-9 from your Bible

Remember that they were living creatures, not boxes that could be packed on top of each other. Noah must have arranged them in such a way that there was space created around them, to make for breathing and exercise.

The ark must have had several well-partitioned compartments. The arrangement of animals must have been done with wisdom, such that a lion could not have been put next to a goat!

In addition, as living creatures, they needed food and water for preservation.

Can you picture the kind of ingenuity Noah needed to build such an ark? As big as that ark was, it floated; it did not capsize or sink. It floated and did not leak! Can you imagine the kind of materials Noah used to build the ark? That was an impossible task to the human mind! But it was possible because Noah had something that makes the impossible possible, which is the grace of God.

Outside the grace of God, it would have been absolutely impossible to build such an ark of deliverance.

Are you faced with a humanly impossible task in any area of your life right now? Is it at your place of work, in your studies, in your business, in your family or in your career?

The good news is: You have the grace of God at your disposal. It will make the impossible possible to you as you acknowledge, appreciate and tap into it.


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