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A person is either battling against oppression or possession. Born again christians cannot be possessed, but they can be oppressed by forces of darkness and demons. If you do not know the difference between both, you will not reap the full benefit of deliverance prayers. Many people excuse themselves from deliverance prayers with the claim that they are not possessed. Hence, they fail or refuse to undergo deliverance.

Deliverance is not only for the possessed. It is for everybody, especially christians passing through oppression. I say again, a born again christian cannot be possessed. However, many christians are oppressed by demons and strange spirits. Many christians are going through terrible situations and fighting strange battles. Others are unable to explain the happenings in their lives. The simple truth is that there are powers of oppression that is oppressing their destinies spiritually, financially, maritally, etc. They are not happy because things are not working. This is why the Spirit of God has inspired me to expose the mystery behind the oppressions many Christians are going through even after being born again.

The truth is, after one becomes born again, he/she needs to press further to put some powers under check otherwise destiny may not manifest gloriously. A child of God may not possess his/her full benefit if he/she is not totally delivered (especially from the oppression of darkness).

Read Obadiah 1:17 from your Bible

There must first be “deliverance” from the powers that be, before one can possess his/her possession.

Deliverance is recommended “upon mount Zion” which is the mount of God – the church. Not outside it.

In my next write-up I will be discussing about what Oppression is.


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