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The Bible records in Luke chapter 24 verses 13 to 16 how Jesus met two of His disciples on their way to Emmaus. He went with them, but their eyes were ‘holden’ so that they could not recognize Him.

When these disciples got to their destination, they constrained Jesus to stay with them. However, after breaking bread with them in Communion, their eyes were opened.

Read Luke 24:30-31 from your Bible

Jesus met them, accompanied them to their place of abode and broke bread in Communion with them, and immediately, their eyes ‘popped’ open. The ‘eyes’ being referred to here are not physical eyes, because they walked on the road to Emmaus with their physical eyes open! So, the above scripture is not referring to their physical eyes, but the eyes of their mind, the seat of understanding.

Read Genesis 13:14-15 from your Bible

Obviously, the physical eyes of Abraham could not have been the instrument used to see the boundaries of his inheritance, that scripture refers to the eyes of the mind, the seat of understanding.

This was true of father Abraham; therefore as sons and daughters of Abraham, how far we go in life is determined by how well we see with our eyes of understanding!

So, your exploits in life, business, family, finances, health and spiritual walk are totally dependent on how well you see with your eyes of understanding.

This explains why the Psalmist exclaimed in Psalm 119 verse 144(b):
“Give me understanding, and I shall live.”

Definitely, your understanding plays a crucial role in determining your level of impact in life. Without adequate understanding, you cannot live an outstanding life, and the Communion is one primary means of having your eyes of understanding opened!

Interestingly, no one’s eyes of understanding can be opened on behalf of another, just as no one can partake of the Communion on behalf of another. Each one has to consciously take practical steps in getting this done. It is a personal, non-transferable responsibility.

There is a limit to how much of your inheritance you can possess, until the eyes of your understanding are adequately enlightened. No wonder then, that Apostle Paul earnestly prayed that the eyes of our understanding might be enlightened.

Read Ephesians 1:15-18 from your Bible

In essence, it is to enable us to comprehend the depth of what God has in store for us. The doors have been opened and the iron gates have been broken. How much you are able to possess will be determined by how much you see with your eyes of understanding, and partaking of the Communion opens your eyes of understanding!

Read Luke 24:30-31 from your Bible

We need to have our eyes opened so we can see, because what we cannot see, God is not Committed to establish. What your mind cannot comprehend, God cannot put into your hands.

As we partake of the Lord’s Table, there is an opening up of the eyes of our minds, which is the eyes of our understanding and there is a breaking off of every limitation placed on our minds by the enemy.

If all you can comprehend is limited to what your physical eyes see, then you are still walking like the unbelievers in the world. The great man of God, Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory said, “Blind minds are worse than blind eyes.” This is very true!

Read 2 Corinthians 4:4 from your Bible

The minds of the people of the world have been blinded by the devil – not their physical eyes, but the eyes of their understanding, the eyes of the mind.

A man who is physically blind is not as handicapped as a man who is mentally blind. The physically blind can still think and as such make progress, but the mentally blind is incapacitated, even though his physical eyes are intact. Mental blindness is worse than physical blindness!

The good news is: the iron gates against your eyes of understanding have been broken at the Communion Table. You and I are to determine whether we will possess our possessions or not.

Refuse to be limited by the things that your physical eyes see. You check your pocket, for instance, and find N100.00. If all that the eyes of your mind can see is N100,00, then God will be unjust to give you more. You may then live and die in poverty, yet God is not to blame.

Yes, it may be a fact that what is physically available in your pocket is N100.00, but if with the eyes of faith you see more than what is there presently, God will honour your faith in His ability to sustain you. Besides, He will make sure that you never lack or suffer hunger.

However, you must see it and speak it out before you can receive it from God. The Communion empowers you to do this!

The same is also true of divine health. In case you have been told that you have a particular kind of sickness in your body, when you partake of the Communion, receive supernatural understanding to see that so-called sickness supernaturally flushed out of your body, while you live a healthy life.

The same thing applies in all other areas of life: protection, longevity, family, career, etc. It is time to begin to break off from all natural limitations and consciously making a choice to see as God expects us to see, each time we partake of the Communion.

Whatever you desire from God, whenever you approach the Communion Table, focus the eyes of your mind on what His Word says. As long as the eyes of your mind can comprehend what God’s Word says, God’s hands are no longer tied and He is able to release the answer you require.

With the eyes of your understanding being enlightened by the Communion, I see you scaling new heights, breaking new frontiers and establishing new horizons in every sphere of life from henceforth, by the supernatural hand of God. Welcome to your next level in life!


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