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Read Philippians 4:7 from your Bible

With prayer, supplication, thanksgiving and the partaking in the Blood of Jesus via the communion and the blood of sprinkling, God’s peace then flows freely into the believer. In the place of anxiety, therefore, the peace of God that passes all understanding comes to reign in your heart. With this understanding, it means that at any point in time you do not enjoy the peace of God, you have given room to anxiety. Anxiety and peace cannot dwell together in the same place.

Jesus points this out when he said: Read John 14:1 from your Bible. So, don’t accommodate the urge to be anxious, resist it!

The peace of God has been commissioned to abide in your heart and mind. This means that God’s peace can permeate every facet of your life – spirit, soul and body – so that whatever you see around you and however hard things appear to be, you will be unperturbed and not be affected.

God’s peace does not only flow in Zion, but also dwells in the believer and goes wherever he goes, whether on the streets or at home. Peace is your portion if you are a born – again child of God, because, Read Jeremiah 23:17 from your Bible.

It is important that you know that God, who is the God of peace, has no desire to see you suffer. Rather, He desires you to have peace and has in fact given you peace. He has given you peace of mind, peace in your home, peace at work, peace in your study, peace in your finances and peace in every aspect of your life. In the midst of chaos, His peace will abide with you, giving you comfort. The scriptures prove this: Read Isaiah 26:12 from your Bible.

The only people who are far from the peace of God are the wicked, the unbelievers and the unsaved.

Read Isaiah 57:21 from your Bible

Christ has, however, obtained peace from God for the believer. Read Roman 5:1 from your Bible.

It is also interesting to note that the peace of God is different from the peace in the world or what the world terms peace.

Read John 14:27 from your Bible

Why is this peace different from the world’s peace?

The world’s peace, the scripture says, is false and deceptive. It comes and goes anytime, depending on the physical state of a man.

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:3 from your Bible

However, God’s peace, as the Living Bible puts it,

Read Philippians 4:7 from your Bible

The peace of God is for all time and in all situations, Read 2 Thessalonians 3:16 from your Bible. It is not dependent on whether you have just received a gift. It is not subject to what kind of situation is around you, because even in the midst of war, God’s peace is available.

Knowing this, therefore, be determined that no one or circumstance, including the devil, will rob you of the peace of God.


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