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Is the infilling of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. After you are born again, God’s plan and desire is that you get baptized in Holy Spirit.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit is one of the packages of redemption. If you have given your life to Jesus, you are entitled to be filled with the Holy Ghost.

Read Acts 2:38-39 from your Bible.

How do I receive this gift of the Holy Spirit, since it is one of the packages of redemption? Take a close look at these:

A genuine thirst

To be baptized in the Holy Spirit, you must have a genuine thirst and a strong desire in your heart.

Read John 7:37 from your Bible.

When God sees this thirst in your heart, He will unleash upon you the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Ask in faith

Ask for the baptism in the Holy Spirit in faith. When you do this, He comes to live in you.

Read Luke 11:13 from your Bible

As in the Book of Acts, when you are baptised in the Holy Spirit, you will speak in tongues.

Unlike the water baptism which can be conducted by any Pastor, only Jesus is the baptizer of the Holy Ghost.

Read Matthew 3:11-12 from your Bible

So, ask Jesus, the baptizer, to baptize you with the Holy Spirit and He surely will!

Open your mouth and speak!

To be baptized in the Holy Spirit, you have to do the speaking! You have to yield your mouth and tongue to the Holy Spirit.

Read Acts 2:24 from your Bible.

The Holy Spirit will give you utterance, but you have to yield your tongue, breath and vocal cords to Him to get this done. Initially, this may seem strange to you, but continue. With time, you will grow and be able to speak fluently.

Let me say categorically here that your exploits as a Christian will be limited, if you are not baptized in the Holy Spirit. Jesus told the disciples to wait for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, before embarking on any ministerial work.

What are the benefits of being baptized in the Holy Ghost?

I will be unveiling that in the next write up.