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Read Matthew 8:29, Mark 1:23, Acts 8:7 from your Bible

Demons are spirits and nobody can see them with physical eyes. They are like air, so we need to have some indication on how they leave. God has made this possible, perhaps to encourage us in our walk and work with and for Him. For the patient, this is to assure him or her that the enemy has gone. Demons can leave without any noticeable sign.

Most of the demons when commanded to go usually go out through the eyes, nose and mouth. Occasionally, they may go out via any of the opening of the human body. Here are some signs:

i. Through The Mouth:
Crying, roaring, loud shout, shrieking, yawning, vomiting, coughing, laughing, gagging, choking, retching, drooling, spitting, belching, groaning, frothing and moaning.

ii. Through The Nose:
Deep noisy breath-exhalation, sneezing, blowing the nose as in sinusitis, nasal drainage, spontaneous oozing of phlegm from the nose.

iii. Through The Eyes(Tears) And Others:
Profuse sweating, excreta, terrible and offensive odour, panting, profuse and constant or sudden urination.


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