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Read Genesis 3:17-19 from your Bible

From the above scripture, we see how poverty came into the world. It is a curse incurred by man through the sin of disobedience. While Adam lived in Eden, he lacked nothing; hence, knew no poverty. He was never sick or diseased. But as a result of sin, he incurred the curse of poverty. In dealing with poverty, therefore, the first thing to do is to look into your life, foundation, genealogy or family tree, and make effort to discover if there is any curse in your lineage. Whether it is ancestral curse, parental curse, or self-imposed curse, you need to deal with it aggressively. This is as important as clearing a piece of farmland before attempting to plant on it. If you don’t deal with the curses of life, you can’t or must not expect to have any major breakthrough.

Concerning Adam who before the curse, had all things easy, God said to him “even in the midst of abundance, you would sweat and only bring forth thorns and thistle.” He was condemned to struggling before he was able to make ends meet.

In Luke five verse five, Peter confessed to Christ: “We have toiled all night, and have caught nothing.” That was not the will of God. Obviously, he was still laboring under the curse of poverty. But when he switched realms, and said: “at thy word,” the change was swift and dramatic that even Peter became overwhelmed. That is what we are talking about.

Knowing that poverty came as a result of curse, our task therefore, must be to learn how to break hidden curses, unknown curses, family or inherited curses, parental curse, evil power curse, etc. Curse(s) is the reason many people fail. It is the reason for failure at the edge of breakthrough. One may be overqualified for a position, but because of a curse operating in that life, he/she will not be considered for the position. Another person may start a project but will abandon it halfway. Curse can make someone to become lazy and live a wasteful life.

To overcome the spirit of poverty, we must first do what is called: “spiritual mapping.” That is, to investigate one’s family background and foundation to find out the things that transpired before we were born; and to identify the spiritual affiliation of our parent, grandparent, great grandparent, etc. Were they idol worshippers? To what extent were they involved in occult? All these information will help you know what you are to contend with. Do not assume that your parents or grandparents were born again. Some of them may pretend to go to church but still adhere to traditions and customs that were ungodly. Some of us are “first generation Christians” in our family. What sort of foundation do you imagine had been laid for you? There are many satanic ancestral yokes that may have been transferred to you. You may be born again, but if you don’t deliberately break loose from these ancestral ties, the forces behind them will oppose and resist your progress. Your ignorance will not help you either.

You may discover that whenever “good” is about to happen, one problem or the other will surface that will completely steal the shine of that blessing. That is if you eventually get it. You must take these things seriously. And if anybody tells you that because you are born again, you don’t have to be bothered about any curse, they are only making a statement of fact, but not truth. The truth is that if you don’t deal with curses, it will find a way of playing out in your life.

Knowing alone does not set you free. You must apply what you know to set yourself free. It is the application of what you know that guarantees freedom. Deliver yourself through knowledge (Proverbs 11:9). It is the application of knowledge that guarantees freedom.


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