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Read Galatians 3:13-14 from your Bible

The above scripture is telling us that before Christ delivered blessing (riches and wealth) to us, He first had to deal with the curses that brought poverty and hardship. The reason Christ went to the cross is what we read in verse fourteen: “That the blessing of Abraham might come to the gentiles.” How profound!

In Genesis 12:3, where we read earlier, we saw that God had promised us blessing. The same blessing that Paul is referring to in his letter to the church in Galatia. However, before He could deliver the promised blessing to us, Jesus Christ had to deal with curses on Calvary’s cross. Why did He need to do that if it was not necessary? Hence, in Jesus Christ, who paid the price by becoming poor, we can access the blessing. Apostle Paul also went on to say that this blessing is obtainable, only by the operation of faith. If you are not operating by faith, you cannot access the blessing of Abraham (2 Corinthians 5:7).

If anyone wishes to prosper, and choose to run from one crusade to another (which is not bad in itself), without taking time to discover the laid down roadmap to prosperity, such person may tarry long in poverty. And if the power of God, by His sovereignty, elevates that person to prosperity, he/she must still do the needful, lest they lose their blessing. You must have the know how and what it takes to prosper. You must know that this blessing which Christ paid for is already available in heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3). You must know what you have to do is to access and download the blessing into your life. You must know that it cannot be done until you apply the force of faith.

Note that to operate by faith is to operate by the word of God. And if you are not operating by faith, you cannot access the blessing of Abraham or become prosperous. This blessing cannot come by mere wishing or by mere confession, but by the active force of faith. And faith without work is dead (James 2:20). You must practice the word of God to prove your faith. As your faith grows in the knowledge of the word and as you apply it to every areas of your life, you will see yourself prospering. If you don’t overcome this battle, you may enter heaven, but you will not fulfill destiny, maximally, here on earth. There are many things God wants you to accomplish that requires financial prosperity.

Read Zachariah 1:17 from your Bible

The gospel cannot spread and you cannot manifest your sonship or expand without prosperity. You cannot be a blessing to your world until you are prosperous. The promise of God to Abraham was to “bless him and make him a blessing.” You cannot do the latter without the former. It is from the blessing that God has blessed you that you are expected to bless others. But you must first agree with God on this. He has not changed His mind about blessing you. It does not matter how many fake preachers that are out there trying to extort people. The truth is that God blesses and is still willing to do so.

There are real preachers as well as fake preachers, real messages as well as false messages, and real miracles as well as magic. But that does not mean we will stop preaching or holding on to the word of truth. That is our mandate and responsibility. We will not allow the devil to intimidate or stampede us out of the truth.

Financial blessing is real and belongs to every genuine child of God who desires to fulfill his/her God-given mandate on earth. If you so desire, you can receive them all.

May you possess your possession in Jesus’ name.


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