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HOW TO STIR UP THE GRACE OF GOD 1 – Acknowledging Its Existence

To stir up the grace of God, you must first acknowledge its existence. Until you know it exists, there is no way you can tap into it or stir it up. God said to Abraham: “For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it…” (Genesis 13:14)

The key words here are ‘…which thou seest…’ This grace has already appeared unto all men, but it is not working for all men; because not all men can see it.

It is a spiritual law: You can only have what your eyes can see for your possession!

Without any doubt, grace has so much to offer every believer. But the reason many are not yet enjoying the fullness of what it has to offer, is because they have not yet seen it exactly as it is.

There is need for a spiritual eye-opening from God. A second touch from God is required, so as to be able to see this grace more clearly, as expected. You need to ask God to anoint your eyes with eye salve, so you can see the length, breath, depth and height of what this favour of His has to offer you as an individual.

If you can see the grace of God bring you salvation from destruction, give you a bright future, prosper your business, bring fulfilment in your home, breakthrough in every facet of your life, then you will be able to tap into it and manifest it.

But, how can you see it? Is it with your physical eyes? No! You see with the eyes of your mind! Never allow your mind to be blinded from seeing what has already been freely made available to you by God, for your benefit and earthly victorious living!

Someone has said, “Blind minds are worse than blind eyes!” Receive right now, the opening of the eyes of your mind, so you can see clearly, the grace of God that has been released unto you through Christ Jesus, in Jesus’ Name.


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