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Read Matthew 6:33 from your Bible

If you desire breakthroughs in your personal life, one of the fastest ways to achieving it is to have a strong affection for God and His kingdom.

When a kingdom prayer point is raised in church, alot of people just mumble; you can hardly hear what they are saying. But when you say, “Pray for yourself, that this year’s prophecy may find fulfilment in your life”, people begin to pray with so much vigour and energy. But it is how much you take pleasure in the affairs of the kingdom that determines the quality of response you enjoy from God.

When you are interceding on kingdom matters, let it be from the depth of your being, as if you are praying for your only son who is dying. Let it means much more to you than your personal matters.

This is a prayer strategy that moves heaven to rain down favour on you, so much that you will not need to pray for most things before you get them. Many people are dying in their prayer rooms because they are self-oriented in their prayers. They are the “needy-stars” of the kingdom.

They always pray, “Lord, give me this; Lord, bless me; Lord, bless my wife and my children”, and their demands are endless. All they remember to pray about is “me, I and myself.” They are least concerned about the welfare of anybody else or on any issue that does not touch them personally.

Read Psalm 102:13-14 from your Bible.