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Read Jeremiah 17:2 from your Bible

In some parts of this world, people have sacred trees in their compounds or communities which they either worship or honour. They regard such trees as very powerful and symbol of their family heritage. They protect them with their lives. These are symbols of ancestral kingdom.

Where one of my friends grew up, they had such sacred tree. Whenever an important meeting was to be held, it was done around this sacred tree. This tree was occupied by a demon. My friend told me he witnessed this as he grew up.

Sometimes, the demon manifested in form of a serpent which nobody would kill. It used to come out during market days; and would move around. It doesn’t harm any one, and no one would attempt to kill it. Rather they paid homage to it. When it was done with it rounds, it would return to this sacred tree.

This tree had been around for ages . It also had a priest. Whenever there was a problem with any person or family, they consulted the priest who in turn sought audience with the spirit inhabiting this sacred tree. Thus, this tree exerted controlling powers over everyone within the community or clan. It didn’t matter whether you were a Christian or not. If it cannot rule over your destiny, it will oppose you. You may be a Christian or even a pastor; if you don’t deal with this tree, according to Matthew 18:18, and break your destiny off, you may struggle in life.

The truth is some of our forefathers or ancestors mortgaged their descendants, either by covenant or worship, ignorantly to these powers. They will always come back to feed on their destinies.

These trees can outlive a lot of people in the family. It can last a thousand years. There was a tree in Lebanon that existed for about five hundred hundred years – The Cedar of Lebanon. This also means ancestral problems can outlive generations. When Joshua placed a curse on Jericho, it took nearly five hundred years before the curse came to pass.

I will be sharing with you three phases of deliverance prayers that will liberate you from ancestral bondage and yokes at the very end of the series of teaching on this topic.