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This is the very reason satan is also seeking in-road into our minds to attack it. The devil may afflict your body with pain and sickness but these attacks are not as serious as the attack on the mind. Pain and sickness are easily recognized and, with prayers, dealt with. However, the more subtle attack is that which is usually difficult to recognize – the attack on the mind. This is the kind of attack that satan specializes in.

The object of attack is usually the mind. And when he succeeds in attacking the mind, he goes away smiling. How does he do that? He does so by sowing negative suggestions and evil thoughts. If you accept or dwell on his suggestions or thoughts, you are already on your way down.

Every evil thought and negative suggestion that comes to your mind is an attack on your destiny. Fear of the unknown, fear of death, suicidal thoughts, and self defeat are attacks on the mind. One may suddenly decide to walk away from his/her marriage, leave a particular church where God is blessing him/her, resign from a job simply because his/her mind had been attacked by offence.

When one’s mind is attacked, and the right scripture is not administered to save the person, nothing else will restore that person. As long as the mind is made up along a negative path, even God may not act on behalf of such person. God will not force His way into the mind of a person unless He is allowed. Satan also cannot force his way into the mind of a person unless he is allowed.

The mind is an open field that is accessible by both good and evil forces. It is the one you allow that will germinate and grow.

Read Revelation 3:20 from your Bible

The human spirit cannot manifest in the physical world. It only responds to decisions of the minds depending on the controlling force. It is with our mind that we agree with or cooperate with either God, to do righteously, or satan, to do evil. Hence, if we are not well empowered, we will end up living lives that are not glorious and honorable.

Remember, the mind is the place of “judgment” and “decision making.” A person can take wrong decisions that will affect his/her life negatively. A person can choose a wrong spouse, career or business that will cause his life to veer away from God’s ordained path for him. People may advise him but because the heart is hardened, he may choose to follow his own way that is contrary to God’s will, and which has no future for him.
I have seen people who were given godly counsels and quality ideas that will cause their lives to blossom, but as they left, they end up doing something completely different from what they had been advised. Satan knows that when the mind is free, the person becomes free. Hence, he seeks to imprison the minds. Satan is constantly looking for our minds to attack.


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