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Read Revelation 17:1-5 from your Bible

The marine power sits on the destinies of many. Many destinies are caged in the marine kingdom. There are banks and warehouses in the marine kingdom where people’s virtues, gold, silver, stars, wealth, marriages, academic, career, breakthrough, etc. are confiscated and kept.

It is the spirit from the marine world that seeks to control the world, promoting adultery, fornication, drunkenness, backsliding, etc.

In 2 Corinthians 4:4, Paul described the devil as the “god of this world.” How is he the god of this world? He seeks to control the material world through fashion, and carnality.

As a matter of fact, the more materialistic you are, the more carnal you will become. Those that dwell in the flesh (the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life), derail from the purpose of God.

That is why the scripture says in 1John 2:15-17 Read it from your Bible.

Carnality, the lust of the world, i.e. worldly things, is one of the instruments the marine kingdom uses to control people and the world.

People who are agents of marine world are easy to know. They are so materialistic. They go for the latest fashion or look around for the best saloon or skin beauty shops. They do these things in total disregard to common sense and financial strength. This is because the devil wants you to lust after them and derail from divine programme.

It is the marine world that promotes the spirit of worldliness and carnality to the extent that the church of the living God has become a place of competition in fashion instead of compassion for souls.

In the marine kingdom, there is a “scientific laboratory.” The purpose of this laboratory is to research on how to pollute the world and capture men and women into their kingdom.

People are being recruited into the marine kingdom daily to stand as agents of pollution and destruction to God’s programme on earth.

Read Revelation 13:1-4 from your Bible.

He saw a beast came out of the sea in form of different animals. It was like a leopard, a bear and a lion. It is a demonic creature. This came out of the marine kingdom and its purpose is to blaspheme God’s name and to cause men to derail and to worship satan. All the kingdoms of darkness work together to promote the agenda of satan their father.

It is expedient that we know this spiritual truth. We don’t have to be ignorant. If you lack knowledge, you will be vulnerable. And it is the truth you know that will set you free. It is the sound knowledge of the truth that brings about total deliverance.

The Good News!

The good news is that JESUS already defeated the marine power through His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension (Col. 2:15).

JESUS also gave the believer authority over the marine power (Luke 10:19).

So, legally, the believer now has the authority to bind the marine power in the name of Jesus Christ (Matt. 18:18).

In my next write ups, I will be unveiling the symbols of marine kingdom.