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Witchcraft is everywhere and very common in Africa. In almost every family in Africa, there is either a witch or a wizard. The witchcraft spirit cannot operate without human vessels or instruments. They possess human vessels, using them against their will, to promote the agenda of satan which is to “kill, to steal, and to destroy.” (John 10:10)

When they spot a star, especially among the family they belong, they go after that person and attack the star of that person. This is not the same as possession. We have talked about possession earlier. Several persons are going through witchcraft oppression.

When you wake up and see marks on your body, it is a sign of witchcraft oppression. When you sleep and experience a force trying to press you down, it is witchcraft oppression. I know this because I was once a victim of witchcraft oppression. These witchcraft spirits possess human vessels who have power to transform themselves into animal form to attack people. They either pick quarrel with or envy someone and make them the object of attack or oppression. Sometimes it may be a genuine quest to attain success, gain admission to higher education or get married that triggers their attention and oppression.

It is common among polygamous families. They may take the names of those they consider troublesome or who they envy to their meeting (coven) where they judge the person(s) and pass verdicts of sickness, poverty or death on them. Sometimes they attempt to put demarcation between people and their testimonies. They use several instruments or devices such as mirrors, crystal balls, padlocks (with which they lock destinies), etc.


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