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Read Proverbs 6:2,18:21 and Matthew 12:37 from your Bible

The above Scriptures make it abundantly clear how many of us brought curses upon our lives by the things we have said to ourselves at one time or the other.

Many marriages have broken as a result of what they said to each other when quarreling: they say all sorts of negative things against each other without the knowledge that there are forces of darkness around collecting those negative words for their activities against that home. When you say to your husband: “I am fed up with the marriage; I am tired of the whole thing; I better call it quits; I regret marrying you; the greatest mistake I made was to have married you; I have told you to pack out of my house; I am packing out.” etc, do you realize that you are speaking out of the abundance of your heart and that the negative spirit will eventually work on your words to bring them to pass?
Unfortunately, after quarreling and uttering negative words to one another, they reconcile but do not remember to recall the words and cancel them; thereby, terminating the assignment they have given to negative spirits concerning their marriage.

This is the reason why, by and large, such marriages eventually break down – either completely or partially because these spirits keep on working on the pronouncements they have made on themselves. It may however take some years before they start to experience the effects of their utterances.

Sometimes, people swear and make certain pronouncements on themselves when trying to authenticate their innocence in a matter. In most cases, these people are guilty of the offense, but because they know that if they swear that they are innocent, people will believe them. Sometimes, they swear to die by motor accident or thunder to strike them dead; or to perish in one day with their families, or for one misfortune or the other to happen to them. They may actually be declared innocent by the people, but the demons know that they are guilty, hence they will work on those negative words spoken by the individual accordingly. Many have died like that. You are ensnared by the things you say with your mouth.

Some men and women today find it difficult to marry because they said so and the demons are working with the words they said. Some said it because of the bitter experiences they had gone through with a man or woman friend. Out of the abundance of the bitterness of their hearts, they vowed never to marry.

Others, while very young, vowed not to marry because their parents’ marriage was nothing to write home about. They witnessed their mother being treated like a slave or their home was always like a boxing ring! They thus dreaded marriage and vowed not to marry in life, if that is what marriage is all about. When they grow up and changed their minds about marriage, things become difficult because the demons had gone ahead to establish their words that they shall not marry.

Friend, you may not agree with me in these points, but I know that I am speaking the truth. I have met people who have been under this kind of bondage and had their freedom after deliverance ministration.

Curses are always pronounced when people are grieved, cheated and embittered. The devil stirs them up with a terrible anger and causes them to curse with their mouths.

Read Proverbs 26:2 from your Bible.

In my next write-up, I will be giving you examples of Self-imposed curses.

At the very end of the Series of Teachings on Curses I will give you Prayers that will release you from Curses


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