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Generational curses are curses that run from generation to generation. It is that which seem to be happening to every person in the family. When you look into your family you find out that no matter what any person does, things seem not to work out fine. Everybody in the family follows the same pattern.

In some families, the males find it difficult to maintain steady matrimonial homes. There is always a force pushing them to divorce their wives. In most cases, you will discover that the family has had long history of divorce cases. This is the result of a curse. It may have been pronounced on the family many generations ago, and because nobody has revoked it, it continues to wreak havoc in the family concerned.

In some other families, their women cannot just marry for no obvious reasons. They could do everything known to them to woo the men, but the marriage would never hold. In a particular family known to me, all the male folks have children, but live in poverty in spite of their chains of degrees. On the other hand, their female counterparts were rich but barren. These are the symptoms of curses in that family.

I know of a village where everybody lives from hand to mouth in spite of their good educational backgrounds. And the reason was a curse pronounced on them by another village with whom they had a misunderstanding many generations ago. It bordered on injustice and the indigenes of the said village still continue to live in poverty.

Please, take a stock of your family of orientation and find out whether or not there is a curse in it. In my family, for instance, I discovered a curse of poverty on every member – both in the immediate and extended ones. Nobody seems to have been able to make any head way in life. Those who went to higher institutions are still struggling to survive. Anyone who appears to be making efforts to come up with a remarkable achievement falls within a short period of time. I discovered, to my greatest surprise, that mobility wise, nobody has ever bought anything beyond motor-bike in my family. I equally saw that there was a tree of poverty and nonachievement planted in my family, as it were. I revoked the curse; cut off myself and my children from that tree of poverty.

Dear reader, your freedom is guaranteed if you will revoke the generational curse on you today in Jesus’ name.

In my next write-up, I will be discussing on How Curses Manifest.

At the very end of the Series of Teachings on Curses I will give you Prayers that will release you from Curses.


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