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Read Deuteronomy 28:59-61 from your Bible

Again the above scripture reveals that sickness, disease and every affliction came as a result of a curse – the curse of disobedience. All known and unknown sicknesses, as well as curable and incurable diseases came upon mankind as a result of a curse. The primary purpose of which is to destroy – “till thou be destroyed.” (verse 61) This confirms what scripture says about satan in John 10:10

Sickness is a curse that came as a result of breaking of (or disobedience to) divine law. However, we are told that we have been redeemed from that curse of the law. And because we have been redeemed from it, sickness and disease have no legal right, not anymore, to dominate our body or mind.

Read Galatians 3:13 from your Bible

Jesus paid the price for our redemption. Hence, all sickness or disease known or unknown, curable or incurable, including those that have not been discovered or diagnosed, have been destroyed. As long as you are the redeemed of the Lord, you have been redeemed from this curse and its consequences, including infirmities. The Bible says: “let the redeemed of the Lord say so.” (Psalms 107:2) Lay claim on it!

You can therefore stand upon your redemption in Christ and rebuke the power of sickness and disease over your life. It is your right to live healthy. It is also illegal for the enemy to put sickness on you. Irrespective of the legal ground the enemy has, e.g. curse in the family, bloodline disease, etc. You have been redeemed from them all.

Read 1 Peter 2:24 from your Bible

Jesus paid the price for our healing with His body. By the bruising of His body, He purchased divine health for us.

Read Isaiah 53:4-5 from your Bible

The scripture here records what Christ has done or did in past tense. “We are healed.” It is a concluded blessing. It is not what God intends to do. It is a finished work. Hence, we have no business with sickness and disease again. That is the word of God! It doesn’t matter if you are sick in your body now. The truth is that you have been healed. If you believe that God cannot lie, then believe that you have been healed,

Now we know that we have been healed already. How do we appropriate it to our lives? What do we have to do to live healthy? This is where the real battle is. Paul, in 1 Timothy 6:12, describes the battle against sickness and disease as “a fight of faith.” It is a fight because satan may say to you: “if you say you are healed, if scripture says so, then why are you sick?” The question is “whose report will you believe?”

Read Exodus 15:26 from your Bible

Healing belongs to and comes from God. It is not the drug that you take that heals you. Otherwise, people who reside in the western countries, where they have advanced medical and health facilities will not suffer or die from health challenges. People over there are dying from sicknesses and diseases that are not even known to us in this part of the world in spite of huge investments in healthcare.

You must know that it is God that heals. For your faith to work, it must be anchored on this foundation. If God does not heal, He would not have said so. And if He does not heal, no one would recover from infirmities. God can heal through medical science and also through prayers. Whichever way He chooses to do it, is to His glory.


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