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A soul-tie is a situation where two souls are knit together to bring tremendous blessings in a godly relationship, or terrible destruction in ungodly circumstances.

A soul-tie is also a strong bond between two persons in the realm of the soul. It can either work for good or for evil.

The Bible records a godly or positive soul-tie between two friends: David and Jonathan. The Bible records that their souls were knit together or joined as one person.

Read 1 Samuel 18:1-4 from your Bible

Both of these young men entered into a covenant because of their love for each other, their souls were knitted together. Jonathan, the heir apparent to the throne of Saul, stripped himself of his royal robe, sword, and girdle and gave them to David. What a demonstration of love and selfless sacrifice!

In a good soul-tie each party seeks the good of the other. Each is willing to make sacrifices to serve the other, even when it could hurt, Jonathan, recognizing David’s divine call, gladly relinquished his rights, to the throne of Israel, giving it to his friend, David.

Similarly, Ruth gave up her own family, gods, homeland and her right to remarry, and followed her old mother-in-law, Naomi. She chose to serve Naomi’s God and live where she would live. This was because her soul was knitted together with that of the mother in-law.

This kind of self-sacrificing soul-tie, like that between Jonathan and David, should be the foundation of any good marriage today, as well as the foundation of enduring friendships.

Read 1 Samuel 1:17b from your Bible

In my next write-up I will be talking about Ungodly Soul-Ties.


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