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A soul-tie can develop between somebody and his religious leader or pastor. It occurs when one cannot do anything without the approval of his/her pastor or leader.

In this case, the man of God controls or manipulates such a one for his own selfish advantage. It can also occur when you cannot visit another church or ministry, because the ‘big man’ would not give you permission/consent.

You may know that what he is doing is wrong, and that he preaches heresy. However, you will defend him to the point of fighting anybody who tries to say the truth about him or expose him.


  1. I break the ungodly soul-tie that came through association and involvement with my spiritual leaders. You negative spirit manipulating and influencing me, I bind you and command you to loose your hold and go in Jesus’ name.
  2. I break the ungodly soul-tie with my spiritual leader/pastor through sex. You unclean spirit that has been hunting me, I bind you. I command you to loose your hold and go in the name of Jesus.

Read Matthew 18:18 and Mark 16:17 from your Bible.



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