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Read Hosea 9:11 from your Bible

For some person’s, their battles originated before their conception. Maybe their parents had a little delay in child bearing, and because they do not know God, they went to the wrong place to seek for help. It may be a shrine, the marine kingdom or any other evil place where they were required to perform certain fetish rites. Hence, before that child was even conceived, an evil covenant was enacted on the child’s behalf by either or both parents.

It must be stated here that the forces behind that evil covenant will not let the life of that person to run smoothly. They will battle him/her either when he/she wants to gain admission, get married, or secure a good job. They will come to make demand for either the life or destiny of that person. Note that none of these contracts came without exchange. However, it is the individual who bears the brunt of the evil onslaught. They may possess the person, or if he/she is born again, and they are unable to possess him/her, they will frustrate him/her. While others are getting things done with ease, he/she may have to struggle aggressively before making small progress. This is as a result of the covenant that was enacted before he/she was born.

Let’s take the case of Samuel and Hannah as an example. The Bible records that Hannah had delay in child bearing and as a result of that, probably out of desperation, she made a vow that if God would give her a male child, she would give the male child back to God. This was a vow made before she conceived. We know the rest of the story – she took in, gave birth, and after weaning the child, took him to the temple to serve God. This is how it also plays out in any satanic contract. Some people, out of desperation, make all sorts of pledges to satanic agents. Usually, after they get what they desire, they either forget their pledges or change their mind. In some other cases, they go to other agents of satan to try to annul the previous agreement they entered with different agents of satan. All that only put the individual into multiple complications which may end up fatal.

I have prayed for several persons who got themselves entangled in many spiritual blunders. There was a particular woman who broke her pledge after she got an issue. However, it became difficult for her to conceive again. These things are real and many people are falling into these errors. Samuel became a covenant child by reason of his mother’s vow. If peradventure, Samuel decided to run away or refused to serve God, or went into other ventures, it would not have been well with him. Angels would have contended with and opposed the young man.

This is also how it happens with those whose parents made vows to strange powers because they were looking for children. If the child then decides to serve God or do anything contrary to their parent’s vow, those powers will attack, frustrate and oppose that person until he/she reverts to the initial agreement contracted by his/her parents. This is why it is not advisable for any family to make any vow to any strange god. That may be the beginning of battles for that family. It is also not advisable for anyone to compare themselves with others, because no one knows what happened before anyone was born. Maybe your parents are no longer alive or have forgotten what they entered into. If you find something going wrong in your life, what you must do is engage the mirror of God’s word, and pray. And when the Spirit of God begins to reveal things to you, take note of them and pray in the direction of the revelation. The Spirit of God can reveal hidden mysteries. And if you believe God, and pray aggressively, you will prevail.

I pray that the Spirit of revelation will be at work in your life in Jesus’ name



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