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Man is a spirit being, who has a soul and lives in a body.

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:23 from your Bible.

With his spirit, man can contact God. At conversion, God re-creates our spirits and brings it into union with His Spirit, so that we can effectively relate with Him. God is a Spirit who can only be related with through our recreated spirit, which is the candle of the Lord. Man’s soul or mind is the seat of his intellectual and emotional qualities. It is the storehouse of his characters. It stores all information gathered by the body. At conversion the soul is not dealt with, or born again, and that is why the Lord wants it to be renewed through the scriptures.

Read Romans 12: 1-2 and James 1:21 from your Bible.

The body too, is not affected at conversation. The body interacts with the physical world and its environment. Through this means, the body collects information from the physical realm and transfers them to the soul to build our characters. An understanding of what makes up man will help us to know the operations of demons in a man’s life. Satan and his demon’s ultimate desire is to control all, or some of the three parts of man.

When he succeeds in controlling all the three parts, then we can emphatically say that the individual is possessed. But if he merely controls one or two of the three parts, that individual is under the influence of demons. That person can be said to have evil spirits, or to be with evil spirits.

Read Mark 9:17, Luke 4:33, and Matthew 4:24 from your Bible.

Spirit, Soul, Body


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