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The word authority is translated from a Greek word which means the right to use power. It also means the right to have one’s words and commands obeyed.

The policeman is empowered by the government to enforce the law and to deal with lawbreakers. He has the power to arrest and detain those who flout the law. When a judge declares one guilty and passes out a sentence, it is the duty of the law enforcernent agent to see to it, that this sentence is executed.

This is exactly how the Believer stands in Christ. We are mandated to enforce the laws of our God over the spiritual lawbreakers who in this case are the devil and his cohorts. These spiritual lawbreakers sometimes carry out their activities through human agents. Friend, you need to realise that even though a policeman may be physically feeble, it does not undermine his authority to stop a trailer on the road, he has something more powerful than the power of that trailers engine and tyres, he has AUTHORITY. He only has to lift his hand up to signal stop and the trailer comes to a halt.

The believer has the power of Attorney to use the name of Jesus to bring the devices of the enemy to a halt. This illustration about the policeman simply implies that the extent to which you utilise this authority will determine how far the enemy advances with his evil intentions.

Read Luke 10:19 from your Bible

Friend, you and I have been authorised by heaven as God’s ambassadors here on earth to carry out and enforce the laws of Jehovah. We have the backing of the powers of heaven in this assignment. Just as the policeman is fully backed by the government of his nation, the believer has heavenly backing.

Read Psalm 149:5-9 from your Bible

Just as it is dangerous to defy the laws of the state, so is it dangerous for the enemy to defy the commands of the believer. Now, whenever the policeman takes off his uniform and cap, which are symbols of his authority and by which he is recognised and respected, he looses the authority. The policeman can only carry out his duties when he is properly dressed and also submits to the laws that govern the police force. This simply means that the rebellious policeman can no longer exercise authority over lawbreakers. The believers who rebel against the laws of the Kingdom of God loose their right and the mandate to exercise authority over the devil (2 Cor. 10:3-6).

God has provided a type of uniform for His saints to put on and you must make sure you have yours on. You must be properly dressed! This uniform is the Armour of God for his saints.

In my subsequent write-ups i will be discussing the importance of putting on the full Armour of God.


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