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  1. Leviathan fears nobody as recorded in Job 41
  2. It is a tough demon to cast out. You have to work very hard on it. Have you ever dreamt of seeing yourself in a congregation of serpents? It means that the spirit is already inside you.
  3. It has the ability or capacity to stop the deliverance of a person. That is why a person attending deliverance becomes inconsistent during the programme. He even decides not to attend the programme again after attending for two days – Leviathan! For some, they suddenly fall ill and almost die on the very day they could have prayed the kind of prayer that could have touched the blood of their enemies – Leviathan!
  4. It makes people unable to pray, read their Bible and meditate. He causes people to be absenting themselves from Christian meetings, he rather keep them busy somewhere else.
  5. Leviathan causes people to doze off or sleep during services. When they are giving messages or praying and you are sleeping, the force behind it is leviathan.
  6. It stops people from achieving spiritual growth.
  7. Leviathan makes ministers of the gospel to oppose deliverance. They keep on arguing that there is nothing like deliverance, there is no deliverance in the Bible. This is leviathan.
  8. Family curses arouse leviathan. When there is a curse in a family, he would not want the curse broken.
  9. Leviathan causes learning problem especially with children. It is the spirit of leviathan if you find a child who cannot read or learn.
  10. It causes painful sickness in the neck and shoulder – makes it so stiff and painful.
  11. It produces false spiritual gifts and miracles.
  12. Leviathan would dig its tail into a person’s life and wrap itself around its victim suffocating his life. It is the one causing heart disease.
  13. Leviathan prevents people from speaking in tongues.
  14. It attacks with all the characteristics of serpents.
  15. All proud persons have leviathan spirit.

The Good News!

The good news is that JESUS already defeated leviathan spirit for us through His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension.

Read Colossians 2:15 from your Bible

Jesus also gave the believer authority in the name of JESUS to bind leviathan spirit.

Read Luke 10:19, Matthew 18:18, and Philippians 2:9-11 from your Bible.

So, the believer now, has the authority in the name of Jesus Christ to bind leviathan spirit and cast it out.

Read Mark 16:17 from your Bible.

Nevertheless, the believer will need revelation to be able to access the reality of this authority.

Read Matthew 16:19 from your Bible.

In my next write up, I will be teaching on conditions for total deliverance from leviathan spirit.

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