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Read Proverbs 11:3 from your Bible

Do you know that sin is at the root of every trouble and calamity of man? There were no calamities before sin came. There were no sicknesses or accidents. Before sin came, man was absolutely secure—divine presence was his covering. He was heavenly, gorgeously dressed, but sin robbed him of all glory, and he started wearing leaves for clothing. As soon as sin came, all manner of calamities followed, because, “Whoso despiseth the word shall be destroyed… “Proverbs 13:13).

If there is a “but” around your life now, it must go; otherwise it will send you packing, just like sin sent Adam packing from the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:21). Sin is a destroyer; it is a silent killer! It destroyed the destiny of Samson (Judges 16). Samson was the strength of Israel in the Old Testament, but Satan trapped and destroyed him. He became a toy for the heathen. Though he killed more people at his death, he also died. A mighty treasure turned to a toy overnight, all because of sin.

A young usher used to steal from the offering bucket in our church. This was his regular source of income. Then he was struck with tuberculosis. When he confessed to me, I told him to ask God for mercy, and I also pleaded for mercy on his behalf. I desired for him to live, but he died! Somebody else died, who on his deathbed confessed to impropriety of one million naira, which he claimed to have returned. But he died of a horrible disease, because “The sting of death is sin”! God has shown us the path of righteousness so we can destroy the mystery of sin, and walk in the newness of life. Let’s walk in that path.

Not everyone that left Egypt arrived Canaan. They died unnatural death in the wilderness. They died a death of judgement, because they continued in sin. They provoked God to anger, and they were destroyed by the destroyer (1 Corinthians 10:10). Not everyone who is born again will arrive Canaan, so let’s watch it.