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THE POWER OF THE COMMUNION – What is the communion?

Read John 6:53 from your Bible

In clear terms, Jesus shows us what the Communion is in the above scripture. You cannot have a good understanding of this, put it to work and not live an outstanding life.

The truth is: your depth of understanding of the Communion will determine the level of the divine benefits that you can draw from it. Your understanding of this mystery is, therefore, very crucial.

Oh, that God will unfold to you a better understanding of the mystery behind the Communion, so that you, too, can begin to tap into the many-sided benefits it carries from now on!

What then, are the contents of the Communion?

From the above scripture, among many others, there are two main contents of the Communion namely: The Flesh and The Blood.

I will be discussing these two subsequently in my write-ups.


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