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Once the rain of righteousness has fallen, it paves the way for the release of the rain of the Spirit. The rain of the Spirit is the second type of rain.

Read Joel 2:23 from your Bible

God gave us the former rain moderately, but He will cause to come down for us “the rain.” This is a combination of both the former and the latter rain together in the first month. When the former rain fell in Acts chapter 2, Peter quoted from Joel 2:28-32 ( Read it from your Bible).

This scripture is actually talking about the pouring out of the rain of “My Spirit.” To pour means, “to flow, especially downwards, in a continuous stream.” It also means, “to fall heavily (of rain).” This means that the rain of the Spirit will be poured out on the people of God in the last days, releasing them to a most glorious destiny in God. It is an outpouring that will exalt the Church above all hills, and establish her above all mountains, and all nations shall flow unto her. And because your lifting is tied to the lifting of the Church, you also need the outpouring of the rain of the Spirit to be lifted.

The rain of the Spirit is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God upon men. The Holy Spirit is a personality in the order of the Godhead. He is the third Person of the Trinity, not a feeling or an emotion (1Jn. 5:7). He is in charge of the affairs of the kingdom of God on earth today, the Chief Executive of the divine programme on earth (Joel 2:28). The Holy Spirit is the motivator, energiser and operator of every revealed plan (vision) from God. He is the revealer of the hidden treasure of the kingdom (1 Cor. 2:9). He holds the key to the inheritance of the saints, and is the most valuable asset to Christian living. He is the central figure in any breakthrough in life.

The effect of the Holy Spirit can be likened to rain. Just as rain is crucial to the sustenance of a river, the rain of the Spirit is the life wire in you.

He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

Read John 7:38-39 from your Bible

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is described as “rivers of living water.” But if the climate is harsh, a river reduces in volume and can ultimately dry up. So, it needs the rain to keep it full of water. That is why you need the rain of the Spirit, to increase the volume of “water” in your “river.” Without it, you run a risk of drying up.

But it is impossible to encounter the outpouring of the rain of the Spirit, without righteousness first being in place. The rain of the Spirit follows consecration, it requires one being yielded. It is actually the level of your consecration to God that determines the level of unction you enjoy.

Read Acts 3:19 from your Bible

There is coming a deluge of divine release, which will turn every destiny the right way up. But you must first break up your fallow grounds. Break up that hardened habit that is out to make you a kingdom misfit. Determine to invest in righteousness; work it out, and you will experience the rain of the Spirit.

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