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THE RELEVANCE OF THE COMMUNION 2a – Raising Up – In This Present World

Read Deuteronomy 28:13 from your Bible

It is sad to say that many Christians are satisfied with being the tail, when God has made provision for everyone of us to be right on top!

If you are not experiencing positive changes in your marital life, business, career, finances, health, or spiritual life, it is not the will of God. He has destined His children for the top, in every sphere of life.

Rather than watch you as an individual wallowing in self-pity, God sent Jesus to die for you. By His resurrection He raised you up. God wants to raise you up physically, spiritually, from the plague of polluted thoughts, financially and in all spheres of life.

The Communion is the medium through which God raises up the believer from everything that can limit God’s move. However, you as an individual, need to give God a chance to raise you up. He wants to raise you up from a lower to a higher realm, from the realm of lack into the realm of abundance, from the realm of sickness to the realm of divine health, etc.

Anytime you partake of the Communion from henceforth, be confident that as you do so in faith, God will supernaturally raise you up through it.
Remember: what you expect determines what you experience!

Think about this: If God does not lift his children, who will He lift? If He does not increase and multiply His people, should He raise those who are outside His kingdom?

Indeed, God is set to multiply His people; but because they have limited Him in the Communion and by their unbelief, His hands are tied. Henceforth, it shall no longer be so in your own life!


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