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Doubt is the feeling of uncertainty. No sooner is doubt introduced than anxiety steps in. A good way of identifying doubt is by examining the questions that come to your mind, when you desire to act on the Word of God. If opposing questions arise, they should be cast down.

Read Luke 12:29 from your Bible

So, when questions like “What will I eat, or what will I wear?” trouble you, resist them.

The doubtful cannot experience the miraculous. Just like anxiety and faith, doubt and faith cannot co-exist. Doubt always stands as a barrier. Peter fell a victim of doubt when he began to walk on the water (Matthew 14:28-31).

In this “Age of Anxiety,” where humanity is threatened with nuclear bombs, natural disaster, incurable diseases and uncertainty, the believer must keep his eyes focused on Jesus.

You can walk on the raging seas like Peter did, you can trample fear and uncertainty underfoot, you can live a victorious Christian life. But doubt will take your eyes off Jesus and onto the happenings around. The moment you succumb, anxiety steps in.

You need to understand how it is possible to live above trying times. All you must do is to step out in obedience to God’s Word. Anyone who is experiencing turbulence in their home, for instance, must discover what God’s Word says is the solution and then step out in obedience. It may not look like the solution, but God is a marriage expert, He instituted the union and knows how best to make it work.

Peter was ‘stupid’ enough to believe Jesus – he had childlike faith. He did not ask how Jesus would do it, or any other ‘intelligent’ question. He just acted in obedience. No matter how boisterous the wind may be, you can walk on the water. Focusing on the wind produces anxiety, so your eyes must be fixed on Jesus.


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